Hi Friends, You have heard of ...

Hi Friends,
You have heard of GoFundMe.com but maybe your country is not approved so you require a US citizen to sponsor you so you can raise funds?

I've recently created a GoFundMe and will pay you 10% of what your people donate.

You can help me reach my goal by easily joining my fundraising TEAM. As a team member you can spread the word, post updates and more. But that's not all because When people see how much you have helped me, you can offer to help them out and you and myself split whatever fee you charged them 50-50. Don't you know a few people who would love to have some free money? Go look at the amounts some people get!

Invite ME to join YOUR fundraising team the next time YOU are trying to raise money. I will be your sponsor for 10%. Before I'm asked to assist thousands of people, you first must have donated into my campaign. Actions speaks louder than words so become a TEAM MEMBER to show everyone you are not a snowflake and that you can get people to donate. This will get others to ask you to join their campaigns, means more money into your pockets, right? So why not join us now to see how much being on DK's TEAM can help you?

You can see and join my fundraiser here:


Your name will appear on the GoFundMe website as A-TEAM MEMBER and how much your contacts have raised from your list, so let's see how much money you can earn by helping me raise funds. Begin Now by sharing your link to everyone that you know, and on all of your social media accounts. Tell everyone about this campaign and if you do live videos then be sure to try convince everyone to use your link to get involved. Remember, you earn 10% and others will want to hire you because they see how good you are.

1.) My http://www.DoctorMason.us has been online since 2004 according to whois.com
2.) Seen my https://forums.devictormason.com/ yet? Online since 2004
3.) Guess who created https://YouTube.com/@AsianHighwayNetwork/playlists
4.) How about subscribing to me: https://www.youtube.com/@doctormason
5.) Currently working on https://7millionjobs.com/about-us/
6.) Follow me: https://facebook.com/2DoctorMason
7.) Have a backup of your social media accounts like: https://fb
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Please register now, add your link then send this letter to others. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance.

DK Mason

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